Embracing Nature with Elegance

Khaosok Boutique Camps was originated from the inspiration to create a place where guests can relax in the utmost comfort while being as close to nature as possible.

This vision led to the meticulous selection of the resort's location, nestled on a hillside where every room offers breathtaking views of the layered mountains.

These vistas, reminiscent of a painter’s dream, can be enjoyed from within the rooms or from the private balconies designed for panoramic viewing. The morning mist, combined with the cool, refreshing air, enhances the beauty and charm of the surroundings. Particularly in the evening, the Sunset View area becomes a magical spot where the sun sets behind the mountains, creating an extraordinarily picturesque scene. Such a prime location near Khao Sok National Park is truly rare and precious.

Beyond the exceptional location, we have thoughtfully designed the layout of our restaurant to offer stunning views of the mountains and morning mist, creating a more immersive dining experience. Our restaurant features a carefully curated menu of authentic Thai cuisine, enhanced by the use of edible flowers from local farms for both flavor and aesthetic appeal. This attention to detail ensures that dining at Khaosok Boutique Camps is a delightful and memorable experience.


Dedicated to Uplifting Our Local Community

At Khaosok Boutique Camps, we also prioritize community engagement and sustainable development. Recognizing the remote nature of Khao Sok and the challenges posed by its heavy rainfall for eight months of the year, we strive to support the local community by creating employment opportunities.

Our resort hires primarily local residents, fostering economic growth within the community. We engage local contractors, purchase local products, and support various local initiatives as opportunities arise, ensuring that our presence benefits the surrounding area in meaningful ways.



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