Elephant Trekking or Elephant Observation

To experience an elephant trekking at Khaosok is a chance to visit Thailand Rainforest. When you arrive at the elephant camp, you will meet with the experienced mahout. Most of the mahouts are from Surin Province, the place with long history of mahout and their elephant. The elephant trekking will take approximately 1 hour. Along the way the visitor can enjoy beautiful scenery and its landscape of the rainforest and Limestone Mountain and local living, a great time for photography. The trek also passes through a plantation of rubber, palm oil, and tropical fruit orchard. When the trekking end, visit could enjoy feed an elephant. To take part on elephant trekking is not just to award you but also to support the mahout and their elephant for their way of living.

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Jungle Trekking

Jungle Trekking in Khaosok National Park is one of the most popular activities in Khaosok. The trek will lead you to the Thailand most beautiful rainforest and a land of diversity of flora and fauna. Along the trek is a chance to spot an animal and wild flowers. The trek is surrounded by dense jungle, animals, and cooling jungle air and also leads to a several waterfalls where you can enjoy swimming.

Boat tours to Cheow Larn Lake (Long Tail Boat)

Cheow Lan Lake at Khao Sok National Park is one of the most beautiful places on earth, with over 100 islands with towering limestone cliffs that give the lake its fairy-tale scenery. The lake is also known as Cheow Larn, and gibbons and hornbills are commonly seen in the old-growth jungle trees at the water's edge. Spend your day taking in the amazing scenery, jungle hiking, exploring a cave, swimming, and relaxing at the floating bungalows.

River Canoe

The river canoeing at Sok River is an activity for all ages. The Sok River is the main river that flow from Khaosok National Park. This river is a main water supply to the local for their daily use and farming in the area. Along the river, the visitor can enjoy the spectacular scenery of Limestone Mountain, cliff, kart, and cave and a lush green forest along the river banks. Also it is a chance to spot some wild live along Sok River.


Tubing is another activity in Khaosok that offer to the visitor who want to have more excitement and challenging their own physical. It is a fun and challenging way to control the tube to go on the direction we want. And still can enjoy the beautiful surrounding of Khaosok. Please contact Counter Tour at the Hotel for this activity.

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