Elephant Trekking

To experience an elephant trekking at Khaosok is a chance to visit Thailand Rainforest. When you arrive at the elephant camp, you will meet with the experienced mahout. Most of the mahouts are from Surin Province, the place with long history of mahout and their elephant. The elephant trekking will take approximately 1 hour. Along the way the visitor can enjoy beautiful scenery and its landscape of the rainforest and Limestone Mountain and local living, a great time for photography.The trek also passes through a plantation of rubber, palm oil, and tropical fruit orchard. When the trekking end, visit could enjoy feed an elephant. To take part on elephant trekking is not just to award you but also to support the mahout and their elephant for their way of living.

Price THB.950 / person Minimum 2 person
Price THB 1,200 / person

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